Meet Haven

Haven, a self-made man from humble beginnings, grew up in a trailer as the son of an auto worker.  He worked in a steel mill while raising his young family and put himself through school  while serving in the Army National Guard and became a lawyer.  While operating his solo law practice, he became involved in his Hampstead community, serving on the Ethics Commission, the Town Council, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and then as mayor.   Thereafter, Haven served a term as County Commissioner representing Hampstead and Finksburg where he cut tax 4 out of 4 years during his term.  Since his election to the Maryland House of Delegates, Haven has been the conservative champion of the folks in Carroll County, protecting their wallets and pocketbooks from the tax-and-spend liberal Democrats in Annapolis while strongly support law and order and those brave men and women who enforce it. Haven currently lives in Hampstead with his wife, Patti, and son, Haven III, and is a long-time member of the Westminster Baptist Church.

MDGOP Candidate